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Donating Breast milk, Where to get it / give it... and other info...

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Donating Breast milk, Where to get it / give it... and other info...

Post by laura_mae99 on Mon Feb 07, 2011 4:05 pm

Ok ya'll- it was a mods idea we make a thread and we can just pump it for moms looking for the info...

If u want to donate or looking for donors there are 3 groups u can do it in...

(( milkshare as u know ))

- Eats on Feets This is an online local group throw facebook with tons and tons of moms and support. They latched this last year NOV.2010 and have gone world wide. THis group had the most donations and moms looking... Tons of connections happening every day... If u are in need or looking this is the main group where it happens! just got to the link above and find your state and post both on the (( WALL and the Discussion tab at the top of the screen )) the wall post will let moms know u are in need and the discussion will keep it going for moms coming to look for milk or donate them selfs... So please post on both ball and discussion page.

- Diaper Swappers share milk page : this group was started by some great moms from diaperswappers after DS stop letting milk share happen. Its small as of right know but we are hopen it might take off soon as allot of moms on DS are like minded amazing moms willing to offer a helping had to another baby in need.

So please join any of the groups and start your search for milk or donation... Feel free to post up here and tell us if u are a donor or mom in need and let u know if any of these links help you!!!

Links on how to-
A blog Bekki and I both from DS start to help moms looking for donation and wanting to ship...

Videos i made on how to store milk- freeze it - and ship it...

Shipping milk is way EZ- if u can find a mom with in a state or 2 away from u... That has a larger amount of milk. U dont need dry ice (( it will keep it self cool )) ... Just put milk in a cooler take it to the ups store and ship it ground shipping. And if u are close enough will get there next day no matter what u pay for ground shipping. The donor calls the mom getting the milk and she pays for it over the phone...

So fill it, go to ups store... call pay and go!!! very EZ

The blog above has links to online company's u can by coolers from and have them shipped to moms willing to donate!!!

To cal. time and $$ for shipping with ups got to get the moms zip code your zip code and weight of milk... 500oz of milk is about 40 pounds give or take...

We have shipped from WA state to NY and it was cold and still frozen with 1000oz of milk in 5 days of trans in the middle of winter (( no dry ice )) :-) keep in mind the time of year as well... But for 500oz u can ship that find with in 2-3 days of where u are at!! (( ground shipping )) I have tons of photos on how i did in on my facebook feel free to pm me if u would like to check them out and add me...

I just want to add i have Been a donor since first child came early Preemie- in 2006 and i have donate to over 29 babies/familys... U can be a donor 2 even if its only 2oz out extra a day... its 2oz that might make a difference for another little life... ((hugs))

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