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Frozen breastmilk to donate Clearlake/Webster/Pasadena/Seabrook or Beltway 8 West / Westheimer area

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Frozen breastmilk to donate Clearlake/Webster/Pasadena/Seabrook or Beltway 8 West / Westheimer area

Post by grunersi on Wed Apr 20, 2016 12:19 pm

Dear All,
my girl quit taking bottles during the day in day care. I do have quiet a large freezer stash of breast milk from about February 2015 (baby's age 6 month) to June/July 2015 (baby's age 11month). I had thought, I would use the milk, during the weaning process, since I want to have another child and I did not want to wean her, before she herself is ready. It turns out, I do not need it.
I do live in Clearlake (10 min from NASA in Houston) and work in Pasadena, TX / Seabrook area. So easiest would be to personally meet somewhere close to here to hand over the milk.
My husband works close to Beltway 8 (WEST) and Westheimer. So a meet up in that area would also be easy to arrange.

The reason, that I can not donate my milk to a national milk bank is, that we are European, and thus have lived in Europe for more then 5 years in the 1980s. Our beef consumption at that time was low and of non UK cows, which we Europeans consider safe. But no-one knows for sure, and of course I can not guarantee anything. The other draw back may be, that the frozen milk has been frozen longer then 6 month. However it was in deep freeze and my pediatrician told me, it would be good for at least another year.
I do have very recent blood work on being healthy and HIV, hepatitis free etc, since I need this for my next IVF cycle for baby number 2 (this I will happily provide). My first daughter is also an IVF baby, so I do have similar blood work from end of 2013 as well, thus showing I have been healthy the whole time. This means I was healthy when I pumped the milk using the Ameda pump, which completely separates the pumped milk and the pump motor, thus being more hygienic then most medela pumps. If desired, I can do additional blood work (with the cost of the test paid by the recipient). I did and do take prenatal vitamins during the whole time I am nursing, since my pediatrician advised this during nursing. I did not take any medication or other supplements then the prenatal, that I did not discuss and were okayed by my doctor on their impact to nursing my daughter. My daughter is a healthy happy child and growing like a weed (97 percentile for height). She is pretty healthy with an occasional cold from day care.

I hope to find someone who will benefit from this breast milk!
Best regards


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