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164 Ounces to Give!

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Re: 164 Ounces to Give!

Post by wordsmith60 on Tue Mar 23, 2010 1:02 pm

Hi Sarah

My name is Joye, and my husband and I are preparing to adopt a newborn for the 2nd time. Our first darling daughter, Emma, was fed BM exclusively for over a year, largely due to the generosity of Milkshare moms -- we valued every drop like liquid gold, which it is. We were thrilled with how well she has done. In fact, we were initially very concerned about her health because she was born early to a smoker, but she has had no asthma symptoms (which her birthmom has) and is utterly healthy.

I induced lactation for her but was only able to produce 6 oz/day at my peak. Pumping is hard enough without the discouragement of only getting drops ... so many tears over that one! -- and inducing requires constant pumping, so I don't think I'm going to be able to do it this time, not with a toddler to boot.

While we don't yet have a match, we expect to be matched soon. In fact, almost as soon as we sent our attorney the application, we were told of a Birth mom who was due in two weeks. We couldn't agree to that match because our clearances had not yet come through, but the whole thing panicked me because I have zero milk in our deep freeze and when we do get the match, it could be that quick. We don't mind that you ate soy or milk. We just want to be able to give our newborn wholesome BM instead of the alternative (ugh), and having this stash will at least hold us over while we are staying at the hotel waiting for the interstate compact to come through (1-2 weeks, plus the hospital stay). I remember my panic at the hotel last time when we had gone through my own stash and then had nearly finished this really expensive Milk Bank milk. I was filled with dread and horror that I would soon be reduced to feeding her corn syup. I called every name on La Leche's page in the whole state and got no reply (I don't think they are allowed to recommend milk donors). It was then that I happened to remember to call a mom I knew, and she hooked me up with Milk share. It really saved the day for us. So having a small stash now would really put our minds at rest.

Also, I work in the Bronx (YEAH!) at Lehman College though I'm on sabbatical this term, I can easily drive in. I can even drive to White Plains if you prefer. We live in Long Beach and we are more than happy to pay for your milk bags and any other expenses you incurred. Let me know if you would like more information or pictures.

Thank you for considering us and for your very kind and generous offer. Be well and enjoy DD! Is she crawling yet? Emma walked at 10.5 months and has been running me off my feet ever since.

Joye (feel free to email me if you prefer!)


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164 Ounces to Give!

Post by sarberkowitz on Mon Mar 08, 2010 8:10 pm

Hi Mamas. I have a 9.5 month old daughter (5/19/09) who has been exclusively breastfed since birth. Last week she was diagnosed with a soy and dairy intolerance so my stash has to go as I now am on a soy and dairy free diet. I work full time and pump several times a day to build up a stash for my daughter to have during the day. The frozen breastmilk I have is from February 2010 and the first few days of March as well. I have 164 ounces to give. I am a healthy eater with no significant medical history. I do not drink or smoke. I am just looking to give this precious milk to one or more baby who needs it and so my hard work doesn't go to waste. I live in White Plains, NY and work in the Bronx.

Sarah Like a Star @ heaven


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