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Re: Back to donating milk in Midland area

Post by FosterMomSue on Thu Dec 09, 2010 1:42 pm

Hi there, D. Thanks for contacting me on the other post. I'll be in Midland on Saturday and again on Tuesday or Wednesday and will send you a direct message now.

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Back to donating milk in Midland area

Post by dmfuerst on Wed Dec 08, 2010 6:36 pm

I donated thousands of ounces of milk while I was nursing my daughter (now 3.75 years old) and have an even larger oversupply with my 4 month old son. At last count, I have over 1,800 ounces of frozen milk that is now overflowing our chest freezer and taking over our refrigerator's freezer. Since my son has not hit the 6 month mark yet, I am only willing to part with a few hundred ounces at the moment. I expect that once I establish a donor relationship with someone, I will be willing to let go of more milk as my son gets older. With my daughter, I donated my entire frozen stash when she turned a year old. To that point, I kept at least a month's supply on hand just in case something happened. I plan to do the same this time too (so please do not request that I donate all of my stash before that time).

As I said above, I donated thousands of ounces with my daughter. The majority was donated to a couple of different local babies through MilkShare but several hundred ounces were to a couple of milk banks, so I have been thoroughly screened & tested. I am willing to provide copies of those results and my blood test results from my most recent pregnancy. I have been with my husband for over 12 years. I do not smoke, drink, etc. The only meds I take are my progestin only birth control pills. I was on antibiotics (nursing approved) for 5 days just before Thanksgiving (but the milk has been marked accordingly). I am guessing since my son showed no side effects (diarrhea, etc), a healthy, full-term baby would be ok drinking that milk also. I am also open to answering any other questions you may have regarding my health & any habits that could affect my milk.

I expect that any recipient family would replace the Lansinoh milk storage bags that are being donated. The milk has been frozen in a "deep" freezer at below 0 degrees F. The milk that is taking over our kitchen freezer was initially frozen in the deep freezer and will be placed back in the deep freezer as soon as we have the room. The milk is stored as flat as possible in 8 oz amounts in Lansinoh bags (with the exception of the first week or two when the amount varied more). Since I donated to the milk banks, I have become accustomed to taking great care in making sure everything is clean & sterilized when I pump.

I do work full-time and my children go to bed fairly early so meeting in the evenings would not work for us. If you are in my area, I would be willing to meet over lunch. I would also be willing to meet on the weekends. My preference is that our milk goes to a family that is willing to keep us posted on how the recipient child is doing and exchange pictures of our children (for my son's baby book), etc.



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