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milk donation from Jacob

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milk donation from Jacob

Post by sewcreativestl on Mon Jan 04, 2010 6:14 pm

hello -f

first of all congrats on this great new format!! thanks milkshare admin for all that you do!!!!

here is our abbreviated story:

my son jake is 26 mo - and he is still breastfed and it is totally wonderful. i have always made plenty of milk - and i started pumping shortly after jake was born knowing i'd have to go back to work. jake was a VERY fussy baby and had lots of minor GI issues - and started in with a dairy allergy shortly after birth (so i cut out dairy out of my diet). And I went back to work when jake was 11 weeks old - part time as an RN. and we discovered jake would NOT take a bottle! so my very dedicated husband and mom would bring jake up to nurse once or twice during my long shifts at the hospital where i work. I would also pump, as he would normally eat several times a day. Jake did get a little hungry when i was away from him Smile but he survived and just nursed alot the nites i would come home - he was very stubborn.

so i built up a stash of frozen milk, since my stubborn boy refused to take it from a bottle!

so I donated locally (found on milkshare) to 3 different ladies:

1. had a boy adopted, and he got about 3 gallon bag fulls of milk

2. a toddler girl who was still BF - and her mom had to stop nursing due to a medication/condition

3. a baby girl of a lady firefighter who was unable to keep up her supply due to her job demands

breastfeeding is such an important thing - come to find out - my son has MULTIPLE food allergies - and i believe he is only as healthy as he is because he was/is breastfed.

i feel very blessed to share this important part of our lives with other little ones!!


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Re: milk donation from Jacob

Post by kelly_bean83 on Mon Jan 04, 2010 8:02 pm

Wow! what a great story! This is all so encouraging and makes me was to pump more and more to donate! And awesome your still nursing your toddler! I hope my lil girl continues nursing for a long time to come. And i didnt nurse my first two but have been nursing my 3rd for over 12 months now and i too see the great medical benifits from it!! Shes yet to be sick and i give all the credit to mommy milk. Bless you for donation. You are amazing.


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