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Milk Needed

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Milk Needed

Post by Crunchymamainma on Sun Jul 25, 2010 6:37 am


I am looking for milk for my 1 yo son. I have 40 oz left, which will get us through 2-3 days if I stretch it. I am mixing it with Goats milk to stretch it.

A little history:
I got pregnant when Wesley was 3 months old. I didn't realize that my supply was dipping as fast as it was. I really didn't start to notice unitil Feb. His diapers weren't wet, and he went from a size 2 to a 1. He was ALWAYS wanting to nurse, howevev never happy. HE went from sleeping 4-5 hour stretches to not at all. He was constantly sick. In Feb we took him to Children's Hospital for a cold (so we thought) that he had had for weeks. While in there, we found that he was loosing weight more rapidly than his Pediatrician thought. Although we'd taken him to the Ped numerous times, she kept telling us to come back in 2 weeks...and never weighed him on the same scale.

We were there for 8 days. 4 of which he was on a feeding tube of straight breastmilk (donated by a wonderful milk mama here!) and had 2 T of formula mixed in. He also learned to drink from a bottle and started to wet/poop again and gained some weight!

Wesley turned 1 on the 20th, and is weighing in at 17 pounds and is 30 inches long. Although he hasn't caught up in the weight dept, he has in length and milestones! I owe this to a wonderful Mama that has been donating milk to us since Wes was about 6 months old! (Thank you Thank you THANK YOU). Because of his failure to thrive, I had been wanting to keep him on BM for a bit longer.

Now the tricky part..we are almost out of milk. I don't want him on just Goats Milk yet...HOWEVER, I am due to deliver any day now! And as soon as this baby is born, I will pump to feed both the babies! I need just enough milk to get me through until I start producing milk...maybe 2-3 weeks worth. He takes about 30 oz a day, of which I have been supplementing 1/2 with Goats milk.

If anyone has milk ( I would prefer local pick up because of time and amount we have left) I can come at any point! (It may be my best friend or partner pending delivery of new baby!)

Thank you in advance,

Kim and Wesley (and the entire Family)


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