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My baby is desperately looking for liquid gold! I would pay all shipping and supplies. :)

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My baby is desperately looking for liquid gold! I would pay all shipping and supplies. :)

Post by mommyofmany on Sat Aug 10, 2013 9:36 am

Hello wonderful donor mamas!! I have a 10 mo baby girl! She wants to know if there are any mamas that would be willing to share their life giving liquid gold. She says she is afraid of trying formula because her siblings reacted so bad to it that 2 of them had failure to thrive and this mama is scared to!
She loves her donor milk and has been on it since day 1 but her precious milk mommy is taking a well deserved break from pumping bless her heart! we have 1-2 days of milk left and are on the lookout for this precious commodity. Smile I would gladly replace all bm storage bags, send a cooler with all supplies needed for shipping including a prepaid shipping label. Fedex would then come and pick it up on your doorstep. All you would have to do is place the bags in the cooler and tape it up and place on the doorstep. After all isn't that enough work after all that pumping? I know the work and struggles of pumping all to well. I pumped for 6 months but due to previous breast surgury where the cut and damaged my milk ducts I was only able to produce 4 oz a day. Sad Then it all dried up eventually even on domperidone and herbs. If we sound like a good match I would be forever greatful! I have pics of my lil peanut to share as well. Thank you for reading! Smile


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