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30 oz to donate in Flatbush/Lefferts Garden

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Paying it forward

Post by glorific on Wed Sep 26, 2012 11:18 pm

I was hospitalized in April and while in the hospital, the medications made it dangerous to breastfd and during the recovery I was not producing enough milk to feed my baby. But because of the help from many mothers who donated their milk, my baby had a fridge FULL of milk. My baby had a full belly and so I had no worries and could focus on recovery. I am now feeding her again without issues, and am in the position to help a friend. But, I need help too. In addition to taking care of my baby, I have been pumping for a friend who has lupus. She recently went for a checkup and found out she has to stop nurseing immediately because her lupus is aggravated so she must increase her medication. I, however, do not have enough milk because my little girl nurses A LOT and I thought I would have more time to accumulate more milk for my friend. Are you still willing to donate your milk? Please email me gloplaks at



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30 oz to donate in Flatbush/Lefferts Garden

Post by hewitt on Mon Sep 24, 2012 8:43 pm

We have about 30 oz in the freezer. It's been there less than six months, and my wife doesn't, smoke, drink or take any medications. She does eat meat in moderation, mostly organic/farm raised.

It's a very modest amount but we'd be so pleased to help someone who needs it. Our little guy didn't latch 'til 3 months, so I had a lot of very emotional subway rides all over the city picking up milk in those early, stressful days.

You can come pick up on a weekday eve, or weekend.


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