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Sick baby, desperate mom!

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Sick baby, desperate mom! Empty Sick baby, desperate mom!

Post by Lydia Rohrer on Wed Jul 23, 2014 6:08 pm

I am new to this forum and trying to find milk for my 8 month old baby. She was completly weaned by 6 months due to my problem of being able to produce any breastmilk. Since then she has had fever four times and is currently very sick with high fever. (ranging between 102 - 104) Yesterday we had her in to a doctor and her bloodwork indicates a viral infection. The Dr is very concerned because she is underweight and anemic. I am unable to give regular baby formula because she reacts to dairy, corn, soy, and gluten. She is eating solids and drinking almond/coconut milk but is not assimilating the nutrition she needs. I am desperate to help my baby as she seems to have a very weak immune system and am looking for breastmilk as a nutrition/immune booster. She is my third child, my first 2 having the same problem. We lived in CO at the time and found donor milk. Now we live in Old Mexico and networking is more difficult. Shipping to my door is not possible so we would like to find milk within several hours of the Southern California border for us to pick up. If possible. If someone has a very large amount from out of state to ship we could try and follow tracking and have it shipped to the border town of Tecate CA and be there when it arrives.
Thanks! Lydia

Lydia Rohrer

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