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Recipient success story

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Recipient success story

Post by MariaSangria on Sat Jan 09, 2010 10:58 pm

Just before Christmas, I was so lucky to receive a huge stash of milk from a generous mom named Kelly in AZ (and another mom she knew who added to the shipment). Kelly was such a trooper to not only pump and save that milk, but go through the somewhat complicated process of packing and sending it! (It's complicated but it CAN BE DONE ... and it works! We used UPS.) The milk arrived safely and still frozen the next day at our home in Washington state. The only downside was the cost -- it is very expensive to overnight a large shipment over a long distance. But, who knows what I might be saving in medical bills later to keep my son so healthy now?

Now, when I open my freezer there are bags and bags of "liquid gold" for Tucker while we continue to try to get him to nurse and increase my low supply. He is doing so great. It is such a relief to know we have several weeks (maybe even 2 months?) worth of milk for him.

The good news -- just yesterday (1/8/10) Tucker latched and nursed for about 10 minutes. It was the first time he's done it "for real" (he's 8 weeks old). [One of the things that I believe made a big difference was getting cranio-sacral work from an osteopath -- I recommend it to moms struggling with a non-nurser!] It will still be a slow learning process from here, and I'll need to continue to supplement to make up for my supply, but it was such a joy to see him nurse, at long last. I think he enjoyed it too.

Thank you Kelly!! My hero!

Maria I love you

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