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We're almost out! Can anyone donate?

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Re: We're almost out! Can anyone donate?

Post by PinkFlipFlops on Wed Jun 02, 2010 8:07 am

Hi Tami, if you're still looking for milk for Luke, I have plenty to donate. Please see my post for details (by PinkFlipFlops).



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We're almost out! Can anyone donate?

Post by tmckay on Mon Apr 26, 2010 7:06 am

Hi everyone.

I am looking for donations for my son, Luke. We are down to about 5 days worth of milk in the freezer. To complicate things I have to go out of town Wednesday afternoon so I'm hoping to arrange a pick up before then if possible. If not, it can be next week too, but it would be helpful to have it here for him while I'm gone.

I am a 35 yr. old mom of 3; two girls ages 10 and 6 and now Luke 9 mos. We live in Beverly (the North Shore). I struggled with trying to get my milk to come in for the girls. I tried pumping all the time, herbs, supplements - nothing worked and I had no choice but to use formula. This time my midwife discovered I have hypoplastic breasts; not enough milk ducts to make sufficient milk. To complicate things further I had serious complications at Lukes birth which required major surgery and a lot of blood being transfused. It took me many months to recover so breastfeeding was even more difficult that with the girls. Even with herbs, domperidone and extra pumping I could only get a total of 1/2 ounce when things were at the very best.

Fortunately my midwife introduced me to milkshare so Luke has been the lucky recipient of a good amount of breast milk. If there's any way we can find enough donations to keep him going at least to 1 year I will be a very happy mama.

Thank you for considering us. And to all the donors who are reading regardless of if you can donate or not - my sincere thanks for all you do! Taking the time and energy to donate is unbelievably kind and generous. I so wish I was in the fortunate position to be donating instead of asking for donations. But, since I can't, I'm beyond grateful for all who do.

Thank you!


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