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Seeking milk for baby boy, April 2017

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Seeking milk for baby boy, April 2017

Post by NewMommy22 on Fri Mar 31, 2017 10:10 am


I gave birth to my first baby in January 2015. I struggled with milk production issues from the beginning. I experienced lactation failure and, despite my best efforts, I was not able to make enough milk for my baby girl.

I am due to give birth to my second child any day now, a little boy. I am trying to be hopeful that I’ll have a different experience, but I have had no changes in my breasts during the pregnancy, and I have to be realistic that I will probably not be able to make milk again. I have a lot of guilt but it really is out of my control. I struggled physically and emotionally with my first child, and I think I probably have PTSD from the entire experience. I have never tried so hard in my entire life to do anything as hard as I have tried to make breastfeeding work.

Lactation failure is so rare that a lot of people don't believe it's real; it means that my body is physiologically incapable of producing enough milk for my baby. Thank God we live in a time when formula is so widely available or otherwise she would not have survived. I successfully found a breast milk donor for my daughter and I am hoping to find someone this time for my son.

If anyone lives in the DMV and has an oversupply they’re willing to donate to my baby boy, I will be forever grateful. I’m happy to drive to pick up milk in-person. Please e-mail me at Thank you and God bless!



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