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looking for milk in DC/NoVA/MD

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looking for milk in DC/NoVA/MD

Post by MamaSludge on Mon Feb 23, 2015 8:50 pm

My daughter was born late February 2014. Breastfeeding was an issue from the beginning (due to very low milk supply) but I fought like anything to continue to breastfeed. Eventually I was able to give her 80% breast milk till 8 months -- at that point, due to some health issues, I very reluctantly had to discontinue breastfeeding. We moved her to 100% formula.

The week that I weaned, two things happened: (1) she became very constipated, an issue that has been recurring since; (2) she started having shuddering spells. At first we were afraid she was having seizures -- when her pediatrician saw them, she admitted her to the hospital with that concern. An overnight stay with EEG confirmed no abnormal brain activity that would indicate seizures -- very grateful. However, she has continued to have them and they are very unnerving. I have the sense that the spells are connected to the digestive issues/constipation. The timing of when they started -- within two days of weaning -- would indicate the same.

The constipation and spells are ongoing and I was prompted to look into donor milk. My thought was that even a small amount of breast milk per day could bring back the beneficial bacteria into her stomach that would help alleviate her digestive issues and perhaps address the spells over the long run.

Through our doula I was able to get some donated breastmilk and the use of it immediately brought back regular healthier poops. It was amazing how quickly we could see a difference even when she was only taking 3 oz a day. I'm looking to find any additional donated breast milk. Even a few oz a day would clearly help her so much. It is so difficult and unnerving to see my daughter struggle with constipation and spasms and I really appreciate your help. Thank you so much.


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