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In Search of Milk - South Eastern Wisconsin

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In Search of Milk - South Eastern Wisconsin

Post by PJoyBlair on Sun Nov 10, 2013 10:03 pm

I am looking for donation(s) for my one month old baby girl! Smile
I am dealing with IGT and aren't able to produce enough to supply my daughter with the amount of milk that she needs - especially with her growing appetite. I am taking and doing everything that I can in order to try and increase my supply, but I am still only able to produce about 25% of what she needs, per day. Sad On top of it, she is having trouble with formula that we need to use to supplement with (we've tried a few different ones, and it doesn't help).

I also would LOVE if I could find someone who would be willing and able to be a regular, committed donor - but one time donations would be greatly appreciated! It's been difficult to find any, since the demand so greatly out weights the supply.

I am located in Darien, WI. I am able and willing to travel and would supply storage bags or reimburse for ones already used. I would also pay for any gas money needed, if someone were to meet me at a location for pick up.

Thank you!!!
I really appreciate your time.

<3 Priscilla
My email address is pjoyblair at gmail.


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