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Milk needed for micro premie-Kingston/Poughkeepsie area

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Milk needed for micro premie-Kingston/Poughkeepsie area

Post by Micropremiemom on Sat Oct 05, 2013 10:31 pm

My son was born at 26 weeks and was 1lb 9oz and 13 inches long. There have still been ups and downs, infections and breathing tubes but overall he is doing well. He has been in the NICU 7 weeks and will be there at least another month we are told.
In addition to everything I do not produce enough milk. Breast milk is very important for micro preemies (what Asa is since he was under 2lb at birth). They have no immune system and can not fight off any infection. I am only producing 3oz in 24 hours. He is fed through a feeding tube and he only eats about 1oz every 3 hours right now (though they increase it every day) and I can't even come up with that. It's very devastating to be because I know that he will never get the immune system he needs from formula. He needs the antibodies. .Please let me know if you have milk and can help. Thank you


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