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Looking for ongoing donor, or one-time donations, please!

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Looking for ongoing donor, or one-time donations, please!

Post by mamaofmanyblessings on Mon Mar 22, 2010 7:29 pm

Our sweet little daughter, Blessing has been on donated Mama's Milk since birth. She spent the first 9 days in NICU for withdrawal symptoms and unable to coordinate her breathing, swallowing, sucking motions. She is now doing very well, but is still having some issues related to her birthmother's decisions while she was in the womb. Tomorrow, she will begin with Physical Therapy. I am sure it's going to wear her out, and I want to make sure I can continue to feed her the very best of the best: Mama's Milk to get her through these next several months/year with the best nutrition. She won't be able to start solids until she can get this condition beat. She stills chokes a lot on her breastmilk and is on newborn nipples yet. I don't want her to have to begin OT, but it's something they have offered us to "teach" her better ways of coordination.

If there is a Mama in PA, DE, VA, NJ, DC or anywhere within 4-5 hrs driving distance of us; we are willing to come and get the milk. We would ask that you be patient with us as we do have 9 children (most with special needs) and sometimes will have to coordinate the drive with a family member to be with our children. If it's for a large amount, that's even better for a long drive. We would rather stay closer to home within a couple hours of 17257 zip code for smaller donations.

Thank you to all the lovely Mama's who have so lovingly donated to our precious little girl. Without you, she wouldn't have come this far developmentally in such a short time. She is considered 6.5 months on her cognitive skills, but delayed in all other areas by one-3 months.

God bless you for reading, and considering your donation of liquid love to our Blessing.

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