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Milk for Sophie - Traveler Rest, SC will Travel

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Milk for Sophie - Traveler Rest, SC will Travel

Post by JenniferGilbert on Thu May 16, 2013 12:42 pm

We are searching for milk for Sophie.

Some of you may remember me when we were looking for donations for Noah (3 years old). He was blessed with milk from 65 different mamas on the East Coast the 1st two years of his life.

Sophie has been blessed with 25 different mamas donating their precious milk to her.

My back story - in a nutshell - at 17 I was diagnosed with cysts in my breasts that possibly was cancerous. Instead of a double massectomy at 17 years old they decided to perform a 'breast reduction' test the cysts and if it came back then do the dm. I was blessed to 'keep' my breasts, but not without complications.

Fast forward - I am 37 and pregnant with Noah. The docs told me I would not be able to bf, but I miraculously (with a left reconstructed nipple) am able to give him an ounce from each breast at a time. My doula, Julie, tells me about milkshare and we start the driving and shipping processes to give Noah the best foundation in health available.

Fast Forward - I am 39 and we birth Sophie into our lives. We are fortunate to have a beautiful mama donate her milk to us starting in January and have a deep freezer full so the 1st 4 months of Sophie's life I am able to be with her completely (not frantically searching for milk).

WE hold deep abiding appreciation and love for all these wonderful, giving mamas donating milk to our children. Words can describe it.

If you have any milk to donate to Sophie please contact me at

Thank you.
Jennifer, Brady, Noah and Sophie Smile

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