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Milk available in the Richmond area

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Re: Milk available in the Richmond area

Post by 1sickbaby on Thu Feb 21, 2013 7:16 pm

Hey we are in great need and would be able to cover all shipping cost if we could ship soon since BM usually last one year in a deep freezer. Please send me a pm if its something you would be willing to do.
Thanks for considering us!


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Milk available in the Richmond area

Post by bfballance on Thu Feb 21, 2013 2:38 pm

I have 434 ounces of milk available in the Richmond area. I had my 4th baby in Feb last year and realized very quickly that he was having trouble nursing properly. I then went into a four month period of nursing, pumping and supplementing with my pumped milk until he was able to go to exclusive nursing. I had thought that I would wean him at 1 year and then use up the extra breast milk, but I have decided to continue nursing, so now I have all this milk that I would hate to throw away. The oldest date on the milk is 3/24/12 up to 6/27/12. It has all been kept in a deep freezer the whole time. I have 15 bags that are 2 ounces a bag (the oldest of the milk), 23 bags of 4 ounces a bag and 52 bags of 6 ounces a bag. I am a very healthy 33 year old; on a super healthy, organic, whole foods diet. I do not smoke or use drugs and am not on any medication. I might have a glass of wine once or twice a month, if that. During the period that I was pumping I was taking my prenatal vitamin and Fenugreek, which was at the recommendation of the lactation consultant to make sure my milk supply stayed up while working with my baby. My preference would be for pickup, but I am willing to ship if shipping costs are covered.


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