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Mother of preemie would like to donate 100+oz

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Re: Mother of preemie would like to donate 100+oz

Post by mrellington on Sat Feb 16, 2013 2:03 pm


I sent you a PM.


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Mother of preemie would like to donate 100+oz

Post by Layla's mom on Sat Feb 16, 2013 12:42 pm

Hello all,
I am a mother to a preemie born at 32 weeks on November 12, 2012. She was gavage fed until she was ready to bottle feed in the NICU so I pumped for her. I am a nurse myself so I was terrified of worst case scenarios (like NEC) so I overdid the pumping and now have an surplus that I would like to donate. I have a large extra supply stored in Snappies (about 75 ml) in each bottle that have been frozen and stored in a deep chest freezer. The Snappies came already sterilized and are very convenient because you can pump directly into them and then attach a nipple for use. I am a very healthy mom that does not drink/smoke/use drugs AT ALL and am not near people that partake in smoking/drugs either. I eat healthy with minimal processed foods, but I do eat limited dairy products. When I pump, I pump for at least 15-20 min each time to make sure I get the necessary hindmilk as well.
My daughter is thriving and doing great. She has tripled her birth weight and is finally on the growth charts! I have heard that milk produced by moms with preemies have a higher calorie/nutrient content so it would be best to donate to another preemie, but it wouldn't "hurt" a full term baby. I would like to pursue being a long term donor with a local family if possible because I am still producing such a huge surplus. I rented a hospital grade breast pump until April so I can continue pumping until then. I have donated to a milk bank with my first child a few years back, but have heard negative things about them and how they use the milk to make a profit so I would rather it go to a family.
If you could help out with the cost of the Snappies, that would really be helpful. Thanks!
I live in Woodbridge, VA which is about 30 min away from D.C.

Layla's mom

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