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Looking for donor for 11 week old daughter in GA. Will pay for shipping.

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Looking for donor for 11 week old daughter in GA. Will pay for shipping.

Post by GigisMommy on Mon Oct 08, 2012 9:41 pm

Hi. My name is Sandy and my daughter, Giuliana, is 10 weeks old. I have struggled with mammary hypoplasia with every one of my children. It has always been disappointing but with my last daughter 8 years ago, I found acceptance and just enjoyed our nursing experience with formula and a lact-aid supplemental nurser. I was hoping that with goats rue and alfalfa during my pregnancy, I would be able to nurse Giulie this time but I was also prepared if I wasn't able to. Or so I thought. When she was born, we began that dance of nursing and nursing and weighing and hoping and praying and struggling to drink more, take more herbs, weigh more and more just to watch the ounces fall off of her. She was 9lbs,1oz at birth and at 7lbs 10oz, on the advice of my very dedicated lactation consultant, I began formula supplements. Thats when my baby girls misery began. Not when she was starving due to not getting enough from me. When she was given formula. She very quickly started showing signs of GERD so she went on meds for that. First two formulas, Good start Gentle and Similac Advance, were not good for her so we switched to Similac Sensitive. Screaming after each feed for 45 minutes to an hour and 45 minutes still. Switched to soy. Same thing. Switched to similac alimentum. Still miserable. Switched her reflux meds and thats seems to be SO much better, thank God! She still suffers with digestive issues after she eats though. What has led me to look for donor milk is that throughout all of this, I have continued to nurse and give her what little I can bc I do know the true value of breastmilk. I started pumping also and after a few days, I get enough expressed and saved that I can give her a full three ounces of milk at a time. After she has those bottles, she is...content. That's the only word for it. It breaks me. I know what can help her but I cant give it to her. I cant. And I have prayed and prayed for understanding but it hasnt come. The only thing that I have come up with is this. Donor milk. And it hasnt happened yet but I am not giving up. So, with all that said, we are looking for donor milk, long term or one time, in the Southeast Georgia area. We are in Saint Marys, on the FL/GA state line on I-95. I will travel to you for up to a couple hours away in either direction. I will also pay for shipping if you have a large enough amount. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

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