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Gaithersburg, MD 9 Month Old with Food Sensitivities Really Needs Your Help with BM

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Gaithersburg, MD 9 Month Old with Food Sensitivities Really Needs Your Help with BM

Post by Banya 'n MD on Thu Sep 20, 2012 9:04 am

My wife's BM supply has decreased sharply in the past week, and we are in great need of BM for our little one. The wrinkle is that our 9 son has FPIES (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome). This means he cannot tolerate a significant number of food proteins. My wife has eaten a restrictive diet so that our son will tolerate her BM. She excludes milk, soy, fish/shellfish, nuts/tree nuts, corn, wheat, and eggs. As a result, her BM is the one food he can ingest without an adverse reaction.

We are down to our last supply and feverishly looking for nourishment. Our doctor recommended searching for BM donors. The optimal donor will have not eaten milk, soy, or corn, or be willing to restrict her diet for future production. Can you help us? You can contact me at BanyainMD at gmail dot com.

Thank you so much,

Banya in MD

Banya 'n MD

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