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Post by bhtimm on Sun Jun 17, 2012 12:08 pm

I am wondering if Milkshare is losing its popularity due to this site, which has turned what used to be "milksharing" into a buyer/seller market.

If you check out this site there are several national news reports, some of which report women making up to $20K from donating their excess breastmilk, buying expensive rings and other stuff with the profits, yet complaining about "these tough economic times". with the going rate being about $2/oz, we would have had to pay $20K for the 9000oz we received mainly through Milkshare donors. I am not so upset if I had to buy the milk I needed (since it is priceless IMO) because we would have been able to afford it, and the going price is still way lower than the milk banks.

It makes me livid as a former recipient. I feel even that more inadequate for not making enough milk for my daughter. Even more upsetting is the fact that most of the "buyers" are men with fetishes. One guy was actually looking for a relationship this way! (eww) Only 1 ad from a man was actually saying it was needed for a baby Sad
I appreciate the fact that Milkshare strictly prohibits this practice.


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Post by RealMylk on Sat Aug 25, 2012 11:11 pm

I believe milkshare loses people to HM4HB because they find mothers more local and don't have to ship overnight... that could be a hassle. And, I am part of a IGT/low-milk-supply group where many mamas there say DO NOT buy your milk... it just seems 'odd' to them. I think some think that the milk is watered down.

Yes, tough economic times... but the people buying could also be in tough economic times without the money so just as hard to sell.

I'd probably say away from onlythebreast... I'd be more willing to post a craigslist ad or go to a LLL meeting and ask for milk there. Thank you gifts are nice... like milk-pendants with the donor milk. But, again... shipping milk is expensive that one can't afford gifts for donors either no matter how much they want to thank them that way.


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Post by laura_mae99 on Thu Sep 06, 2012 8:39 pm

I work with
anyways, i can tell u the families we have worked with go and find the donors where the milk is... THe site u are talking about the sale stie... What normaly happenes is this (( moms go there trying to sale )) then they dont end of salen it and they either trash or or then donated after they see most mothers are giving it way or donating to babies in need. We send moms taht way telling them to just pm the mom with the add saying hey if u dont sale it but want to donate it... (( i am willing to take it )) and 9 tmies our of 10 they end of donating it to the famiy that pmed them...

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