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Is it harder to find milk now compared to 3 years ago?

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Is it harder to find milk now compared to 3 years ago?

Post by bhtimm on Mon Jun 11, 2012 8:41 am

I'm just curious, because we're coming up on my daughter's 3rd birthday. I think she is our last child but the door isn't closed yet...I'm almost 38 though.

A year ago today, my daughter ceased nursing regularly. I had come off domperidone 3 months earlier and that had been keeping my supply at 4-5oz/day...then it plummeted drastically after stopping the dom. After my daughter weaned I continued to hand express until October 2011, then one day she didn't want to have any more breastmilk in a sippy cup.

We were extremely fortunate to get donations that, with the exception of one, were entirely local or at least close to where my in-laws live, which is in Iowa. (we live in Wisconsin). In addition, we had several "megaproducers" in Iowa who contributed about half of the 8000oz total donated. I estimate that I produced about 3500oz during my lactation career (and my right breast is STILL LACTATING today!) We never truly had to use formula. My husband pushed for starting cow's milk about a month and a half before our daughter turned 1 (why, I have no idea! - it may have been convenience as you didn't have to go through the bother of thawing frozen milk when she went down to in-laws) but it was in small amounts before her 1st birthday (when we were at home, max 3oz/day) as we still had plenty of donated breastmilk. I continued to use it in my SNS, then as the breastmilk ran low, I switched over gradually to cow's milk in the SNS. She still had the breastmilk that came from me of course.

I don't check this site often anymore, but I do come back from time to time. Since Danielle has come off breastmilk, it seems like the Internet milkshare sites (this one, Eats on Feats and HM4HB) all have had fewer posts. My own state board seems to be slim pickings compared to 3 years ago.

I consider this either huge luck (being at the right place at the right time) or a great blessing that Danielle was born during the height of the milksharing movement. When my son was born in 2003, there *was* no Milkshare, no EoF, no HM4HB. I had no choice but to supplement with formula and that broke my heart, and at less than 3 months postpartum I had given up with him. Having the peace that Danielle was on breastmilk for the solid part of her first year makes me feel more like a real breastfeeding mom.


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