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Going to Crystal Lake, IL on May 23rd

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Going to Crystal Lake, IL on May 23rd

Post by bhtimm on Mon May 14, 2012 11:13 am

Hi milk overproducing mamas,
I am attending a program in Crystal Lake, IL on May 23rd. I have a dear friend who has a child born as a frail preemie who could still benefit from breastmilk, even though he is 20 months old now (18 mos adjusted age). He has to drink special nutritional supplements. I actually brought her some milk a month and a half ago from a mom who pumped through pregnancy for her now almost 3 -year old, fearing undersupply for her newborn. If you are a mom of a toddler, this would probably be the most beneficial...but I know this recipient is not fussy (has taken newborn milk, milk up to 2 years old, etc). Due to the proximity to the Chicago area, I figure I could get a good number of responses. I am a former grateful recipient myself and in fact am still lactating tiny amounts (despite having weaned nearly a year ago) because I nursed for so long (2 years).

Evekai is a happy, healthy boy now although he still struggles with immune functions. It is truly a miracle that he is alive! The mother has become one of my BFF's, seriously! I would LOVE to be able to supply her with more milk to benefit him. It has been truly a pleasure and honor to see him grow up and thrive on breastmilk (vs. that Pregestamil crap that tastes like spoiled chicken broth, I do not kid you!)

Here is her heart-touching story:

Seeking milk for my preemie
by SativaStarr on Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:36 pm

.I have a 9 week old 31 weeker who sustained a brain injury due to a complete abruption that resulted in him losing over half his blood supply, being born without a heart rate and not breathing, and necessitated 13 minutes of CPR to rescusitate him.

My miracle baby just came home fro NICU 6 days ago.

I have been pumping for him, but am having supply issues and currently am only making about half of his daily intake despite a course of Reglana nd taking fenugreek daily (and pumping frequently). I desperately want to keep him on a diet of 100% breastmilk but my freezer stash fom his early NICU days is almost depleted.

We are located in NE WI but Im willing to travel for pick up. Thank you!


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