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Milk to donate in Metrowest, MA

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Milk to donate in Metrowest, MA

Post by nadianwad21 on Fri Feb 26, 2010 2:09 pm

I am the proud mother of a 9 month old little girl that is thriving on mama's milk. I pump on the 3 days a week that I am away from her and generally pump at least 10 oz more than she needs. The result has been an excess of milk that I'm pretty sure we're not going to use. I'd like to donate at least 100 oz, maybe more as I get closer to realizing she won't need it. I do have high lipase in my milk giving it that soap-like taste. My daughter has always drank it fine, but I want to make sure that your baby will so as to not waste the milk. I can probably get copies of my prenatal labs if you would like. I take an occasional (rare) tylenol and some of the milk spans the time that I got both the H1N1 and seasonal flu shot. I do have a rare drink, but never more than 1 (usually just a splash as I have NO tolerance any more and am not much of a drinker) and never on the same day that I pump. I do not follow any sort of special diet. It is stored in 6 oz increments in a deep freezer. The oldest milk is currently November. I'd also love to consider pumping for a mom/baby if it works out. I'm planning on breastfeeding this little one as long as she will let me and probably having another afterward, so I'd love to be of help. I do ask reimbursement for bags in accordance with the milkshare guidelines. Hope I can help someone out there! Very Happy

ETA: I did an inventory and have over 500 oz, so could probably give at least 200 oz. As she gets closer to a year I will probably be able to give more. I would also be happy to pump on the days I am home to add more if there is a need. I am a maternal child nurse and am strongly committed to the value of breastmilk.


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