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In need of milk for my little girl. (sterling)

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Re: In need of milk for my little girl. (sterling)

Post by rizados on Thu Feb 23, 2012 9:08 am

I live in Sterling, and I've actually got a stash of milk that goes back to when my daughter was about the same age, and I've been wanting to make sure it gets used before it goes beyond the 6 month mark (I have a deep freezer).

I'll email you, we'll work it out. I've been exclusively pumping since day one (my daughter was in the NICU and they bottle fed her, so despite four lactation consultants and a whole lot of trying, she just never latched). So now I've got a large freezer stash and I'm concerned that if I don't use it soon it'll go to waste. I can't guarantee I can give you more than a couple of hundred ounces (eventually I'm going to want to stop pumping and I want to keep some for my own daughter), but I can at least give you some for now.

I'll drop you an email.


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In need of milk for my little girl. (sterling)

Post by biscuit89 on Mon Jan 23, 2012 7:44 pm

I am a young mom looking for someone to donate any amount of BM for my 4 month old daughter. BFing has been so hard on me and just hasn't worked out for us. No amount of Fenugreek or pumping is helping, though I am still trying in hopes that by some miracle I will be able to give my baby the best. This is not what I had planned for my little girl at all, But I am hoping someone out there can help. If I could give her even one bottle of breast milk a day I would be happy. Please contact me if you can help!
My Email is Ndhess.89(at)Gmail(dot)com

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