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wow, if only I'd known about this the first time!

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wow, if only I'd known about this the first time!

Post by mcthom on Wed Feb 17, 2010 11:55 am

Five years ago, when my first son was born, my thyroid bottomed out. I had no milk, my TSH was at 60!! I was diagnosed with post-partum thyroiditis combined with an auto-immune disorder. And on top of that, I had insufficient glandular issues, which was just icing on the cake.... I felt completely lousy about myself because I had to give my son formula. I had contacted a milk bank but was stunned when they told me how much it cost, something I couldn't afford then or now. I did everything for low-supply: compression, herbs, meds (Dom), ridiculous amount of pumping, you name it, I did it. I used an at the breast supplementer (Medela) for 18mos. From the formula, he had digestive issues, allergies, and eczema, all of which he still has. This time around (my baby is 3mos) I was armed and prepared. I had heard about milkshare and was so incredibly fortunate to find a donor for his first few months (I am on the hunt for more after our current supply runs out). He has NONE of the issues my first son developed. He is oh so happy and fat, and not a trace of eczema! This time we're using a Lact-aid and bottle combo (find that it keeps his suck strong), and hope to get to 18mos again but on breastmilk!

Finding a donor this time and being able to provide real milk to my son has completely alleviated my stress and anxiety about feeding my son. What these amazing women do in sharing their milk is a level of generosity that is indescribable. THANK YOU donors, THANK YOU Milkshare!

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