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About 350 ounces of BreastMilk to Donate- Pick up from Queens, NY

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Re: About 350 ounces of BreastMilk to Donate- Pick up from Queens, NY

Post by sjw152 on Wed Dec 07, 2011 11:42 pm

Is this milk still available?


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About 350 ounces of BreastMilk to Donate- Pick up from Queens, NY

Post by Fmiah on Sat Aug 06, 2011 10:29 am

I'm a 27 yr old, healthy mom of a healthy 9 month old baby girl. I don't drink, smoke, eat pork, use illegal or prescription drugs & no medical conditions threaten the integrity of my milk.

I have 81 ounces of milk pumped from 3/11-4/11 stored in lansinoh bags which I can donate with no reimbursement costs.

I also have 250oz of frozen milk from 1/11-3/11 stored in 100 snappies bottles (2.5oz/bottle). The milk was kept in a separate deep freezer & is good for 1 year. The milk is free, however I paid $53 for the snappies containers so I would like to be reimbursed for the bottles. You can take all of them for $53 or you can take as many bottles as you need for $.53 cents each. The bottles are reusable and have far more benefits than storage bags. They are used in hospital NICUs all over the country. Please google snappies containers for more information.

I saved all this milk for my daughter but she still refuses to take a bottle. Please contact me if you are interested in either milk batch. I will do pick up only. Both batches are stored in two separate houses (mine and my aunts) so if anyone is interested in taking both, please be mindful that pick up will be at two locations (Jamaica Estates, Queens, NY & Ozone Park, Queens, NY).

No contact from men please. I will only respond to mothers of babies in need.



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