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Albany Area (Looking for a donor/ donations)

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Albany Area (Looking for a donor/ donations)

Post by ginamarie1989 on Sun May 22, 2011 9:32 pm

Hi, Im Gina and my daughter and I were doing amazing with bfing the first month and a half that she was born until she got sick and wouldnt bf anymore, so I started pumping but for some reason my milk slowly dropped and the all of a sudden was gone, so right now I am relying on someone who donated to me a couple weeks ago but my supply is quickly running out (I think its growth spurt time lol) But everytime I try giving her formula (regular or soy) she spits up like crazy, the drs told us its acid reflux and gave us medicine for it but when she started drinking the donor milk it went away, so I think she's just allergic to formula maybe? or maybe her body just cant handle it? Im really not sure, but I would really appreciate if anyone could donate Smile I am willing to drive up to about 45 mins away from Ballston spa.

Thank you!!


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