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Milk in Albany, NY area?

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Milk in Albany, NY area?

Post by jude on Fri Apr 29, 2011 9:40 am

Hello, mamas.

I live in Western MA and my 5 month old son is thriving thanks to donor milk. Due to insufficient glandular tissue, he gets very little milk from me - estimated about 4-6oz per day and we have no thoughts of stopping, but he drinks a good 35-40oz of milk a day right now. We have been upping and upping his formula intake because we go through our milk stash too quickly if he drinks more than 20oz of breast milk per day, but I hate giving him 16-20oz of formula and it makes his tummy so unhappy. Sad I would love to pick up a couple of freezer stashes to supplement my regular donors so I can cut down the formula that Elias drinks. Our first goal is to make it to 6 months on no more than half formula and we are almost there! Next goal is 8 months, then 10, and then one year - but if we could get to 6 I would be so happy.

It takes a little over an hour to get to the Albany area and I could do it on a week day (Monday or Friday) or a weekend depending on your convenience. Elias loves his donor milk and he and I both greatly appreciate anything you could offer our family.

Thank you so much!


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