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Never thought donating could be such a blessing

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Never thought donating could be such a blessing

Post by slgreer79 on Sun Feb 20, 2011 7:54 pm

My name is Stephanie and I live in Metropolis, IL. I found Milkshare in Dec of 08 when it was still in Yahoo Groups. My now 2 year old son was born at 34.5 weeks, healthy as a horse, but unable to latch. I began pumping immediately so that we would not have to supplement with formula, although the doctor insisted on giving a couple of bottles because he was so small. By day 3 I was holding my own and blessed to be able to provide him with plenty of my "mommy juice" as we call it around here. By day 4 it was obvious to the lactation consultant that I was an overproducer, prone also to clogged ducts. I had to pump using massage until both breasts were dry to keep the clogs at bay. I continued to try to get my son to latch, but was unsuccessful. However, I continued pumping and providing him breastmilk via bottle. In no time, I knew I had a supply that I could never go through. I then found this site and began my adventures in donating.

I feel horrible for the first couple of moms I donated to because I shipped and had no idea what I was doing. Some of the bags busted and some thawed and had to be thrown out. Some of it was salvaged and I actually tried again with one of the moms with a little more success. After living and learning, I shipped twice more, both times large amounts, successfully.

My favorite donations were the ones where I got to meet the mom's and babies face to face. Sharing time with moms who are going above and beyond to give their babies the best they can was a humbling experience. So many mommas would just give in and give formula. But these mom's, all of you in fact, amaze me with what you do for your babies. I donated to a particular favorite from St. Louis. The first time we met and were able to spend about an hour together with our babies, who were just weeks apart in age and both premies. It was wonderful. Two other mommas met me or had family meet me in my home town to pick up milk.

I am now returning to Milkshare to donate again..should I find someone to donate to that is willing to meet me in the middle. My 9 week old daughter is willing to share her "mommy juice" with a friend and I am looking forward to being able to help out a baby in need. I never thought when I signed up on Milkshare that I would receive such a blessing! When I told my pediatrician about what I was doing, he was mortified at the idea of "cross nursing." WHen I reminded him that wet nurses have made a living doing the same thing for centuries, he had nothing more to say. Next thing I know, he is supporting the International Breast Milk Project, providing breastmilk to babies in Africa. Guess Milkshare is even responsible for helping to change his tune Smile

Bless all of you mommas doing what you can for your babies!!


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Re: Never thought donating could be such a blessing

Post by GoodyBrook on Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:15 pm

So glad that you were able to educate your Pediatrician!


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