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Milk available in Farmington Hills area.

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Post by eddiejames77 on Fri Jun 24, 2011 11:10 pm

Hi, I came across your post and would like to ask if the milk is still avail.? My daughter was born w/ IUGR and is severely struggling w/ her weight and growth. She's also developed colic and has had allergic reactions to every formula we've tried incl. the one she's currently using... If you still have anything avail. please contact me... I'm willing to cover the costs for shipping! incl. the cost to replace bags. Anything you have would be a big help at this point. Our daughter really needs the help! Thank you so much!!!

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Milk available in Farmington Hills area.

Post by mrskcanne on Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:48 am

Hello -

I have a great supply while nursing my 5.5 month old and am ready to donate some of my frozen stash. I formerly donated milk to a local adoptive mother, and the Bronson Mothers Milk Bank in Kalamazoo, when I was nursing my older daughter a year ago. I don't smoke, nor do I drink caffine, I don't take any medications, I do ingest dairy and prenatal vitamins and might have 1 or two alcoholic drinks in a week total.

It's hard for me to guess how much I have to part with but it's probably anywhere from 200-500 ounces. It's in a deep freezer and the oldest is from August 2010, but they say milk in a deep freezer is good for 6-12 months so I'm sure it's fine. They are in Lansinoh bags mostly in 5oz increments.

Please send me a message here or at my e-mail I'd prefer to donate to someone very nearby and preferebly to an infant - they need it most!

I'm happy to tell you more about me, just send me a note.


~ Katie


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