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Due in Feb, will likely need colostrum & milk!

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Due in Feb, will likely need colostrum & milk!

Post by Gina on Fri Oct 01, 2010 11:02 am


I'm trying to get a head start in locating a future milk donor--though I may be starting too early! I had to supplement the whole way with my first baby, due to my very low supply and her inability to latch for the first 3 months. She had a lot of allergies and eczema, and I had to be super careful about what I ate, in case it transfered from my milk. As a result I ended up using mostly formula. I also pumped for 8 months, with poor results, despite taking domperidone for several of those months. I would love to avoid doing this with my next baby, who is due in early February. I've been told that it is likely I will have low-milk supply problems again, and so I thought it would be a good idea to find a mom out there who is due a little before me, who might have extra colostrum and breast milk to donate. I hope to be better prepared this time around, with some colostrum ready to feed my new little one right away if I can't produce any (I wasn't able to with my daughter).

If you think you might be that special mama who could help us out, I would be forever grateful to you!

I totally trust all the amazing mothers on this site, but would hope you'd be willing to send verification of a clean bill of health (HIV neg, nonsmoker, not on medication, etc, and I will pay postage or any other fees). If my son turns out to have allergies like his big sis, that will be another bridge to cross.

I am located in Brooklyn, NY and am of course willing to pay for any shipping costs or to pick up locally in NYC area.

Thank you so much, way, way in advance!
Gina (mom of a fabulous little girl and a bean on the way)


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