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Have ~100oz of milk to share, in SW VA

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Have ~100oz of milk to share, in SW VA

Post by sazbaby on Sun Aug 01, 2010 8:43 pm

Hello! I donated milk a couple times on Milkshare before it changed to a forum.... this is nice! Smile

Anyhow, I've got the remainder of my old stash and am willing to give it away if anyone wants it. DD is now 22 months old, and for several months she has been unwilling to take any of my frozen milk, I assume since it was pumped at a different stage and is quite different from what little bit she gets from me now (I'm starting my 3rd trimester of pregnancy now!).

This milk was pumped into sterilized bottles and transferred into sterile Lansinoh bags. I sterilized my pump parts every day I used them, and was careful about my diet although we did not have to restrict anything unusual. No caffeine, no alcohol, no medications. Just daily prenatal vitamins. Following pumping, the milk was transferred to bags and frozen in my regular freezer. The following day or two, the bag would be transferred to our chest freezer which was only opened on rare occasions, usually just when milk was added or removed. We have had two or three of the bags end up with holes when we thawed milk, despite our best efforts at careful handling and storing!

So, like I said, this milk is a bit older than ideal, but should still be fine, I don't know the specifics on how the value degrades over time... but if anyone is interested, it's yours! I hate for it to go to waste, and we were really trying hard to use it up, to find any use we could for it in DD's diet, but she just doesn't like it!! I live in Pilot, VA, just a bit south of Blacksburg where Va Tech is located. I'd prefer if someone was willing to come get the milk, but I'll also be travelling towards Richmond around the 18th or 19th of August if that helps. I'll have to figure something out for a cooler in that case, as our only cooler will be full of food for the trip!

I have about 34 bags of milk, most contain 3oz each, but a few are slightly more. The milk was pumped and frozen in late June 2009 through November 2009. This would be when my daughter was 9 mo to 14 mo old.

I only ask for replacement bags and covering the expense of a cooler if I end up needing to get one to transport the milk. Hope someone can make use of this great stuff! Don't know if private messaging is allowed here, but best to do that if you have questions or are interested, email me at


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